Per-type settings

These settings must be given for a specific type, e.g. for the gene type it could look like this:

  gene = {
    stroke             = {red=0.0, green=0.0, blue=0.0, alpha = 1.0},
    stroke_marked      = {red=1.0, green=0.0, blue=0.0},
    fill               = {red=0.9, green=0.9, blue=1.0},
    style              = "box",
    collapse_to_parent = false,
    split_lines        = true,
    max_num_lines      = 10,

Color options

These settings need to be set to a table with the red, blue, green and alpha keys. Alternatively, they can be set to a Lua function which returns such a table, given a FeatureNode object of the current element:

fill = function(gn)
         if gn:get_score() then
           aval = gn:get_score()*1.0
           aval = 0.0
         return {red=1.0, green=0.0, blue=0.0, alpha=aval}

which would scale the transparency of the red element with the score value of the associated feature. The following settings are available:

Drawing options

Track layout options

Caption options

Per-image settings

Layout options

Ruler options

Caption options

Image options